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Plasti Dip from www.matt-pack.co.uk

After a whole lot of research I decided to try and Plasti Dip my Fiero.

Plasti Dip is a DIY removable rubber coating. I bought a complete kit from http://www.matt-pack.co.uk/.

Day 1. Remove trim, wash car to remove wax, let dry overnight.
Day 2. Rub car with isopropanol. Mask off. Rub it again. Paint 7 coats. I needed 13 liters of premixed dip.
Day 3. Airbrush with .8 nozzle and 30% thinned dip to touch up imperfections, mostly in the seams around the hood.



Mustang scoop in place, ready for paint


Test fit

79 Mustang scoop test fit


Final touch…

Scoop in place, filler sanded down only the back side left to fill with resin and micro glass balloons.
There’s something itching ALL OVER my body!!! Damn fiberglass!!


Hood scoop project is on

Measure twice, cut once

Top layer removed

Inner layer removed

Scoop fits nicely, resting on the inner ledge.