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1980 Honda CB650 RC03

What it looks like now:

What it looked like when i got it:

Here’s my build thread on http://hondacb650.com.

List of modifications I’ve made to the bike:

  • BCR Café seat and battery tray
  • Relocate relay, battery and solenoid to the seat hump
  • Excide AGM 4977 battery
  • Seat reupholstered, black vinyl with diamonds and gray stitching.
  • Replace BCR taillight with Hella Mix’n match LED’s
  • Lower the headlight with new brackets, getting rid of the bulky stock contraption.
  • Small led turn signals & led flasher relay
  • New x-ring chain (gold) with safety wired locking clip and new sprockets.
  • Marshall 4-1 Exhaust, shortened, gutted and custom made larger diameter baffle.
  • Painted and wrapped headers with black Thermo-Tec 2″ x 50′ and new copper seals.
  • Clip-ons
  • Venhill diy clutch cable kit, aprox 15 cm shorter than original
  • Bar-end mirrors
  • OCD cleaned, polished carbs, jetted 120/42, needle clip in the middle one washer shim.
  • Velocity Stacks from Steel Dragon Performance with foam filter inserts
  • Calipers media blasted and overhauled with new seals.
  • Drilled rotors Template
  • New stainless brakelines
  • SpeedBleeders (SB7100S) from www.speedbleeder.com
  • New brake master cylinder reservoir.
  • New piston, seals and spring in brake master cylinder (MSB-105 Kit for dual caliper RC03)
  • New shifter seal
  • Flushed forks and refilled with 15w fork oil
  • VFR750 alu footpegs
  • Removed the chain guard
  • Removed the center stand (but kept the attachment so I can install it in a few seconds)
  • Shaved down the side stand to a bare minimum
  • Overhaul the ComStars. Paint spokes black, hub silver.
  • Relocate horn to under the tank
  • Choke mounted under the front of the seat frame to the left (where the side covers attach)
  • Replace steering lock (no keys when I bought the bike)
  • Shorten/cut front fender
  • Hidden crankcase air filter
  • New brass swing arm bushings
  • Media blasted and painted the lower triple trees
  • New top triple tree in billet aluminum
  • Ditch the engine guards
  • RFY adjustable rear “piggyback” shocks with painted stock springs.
  • Aluminium muffler hanger
  • Custom oil temp dipstick
  • New tapered roller steering bearings
  • Drilled shifter
  • Drilled tank lock
  • Drilled left engine cover
  • DynaCoil coils (green) on custom brackets & DynaCoil wires.
  • Relocate and put new ignition lock under the seat frame with start on key (like a car)
  • Lower the front of the tank about 10mm using offset bushings
  • Tank cleaned and sealed
  • New adjustable clutch and brake lever
  • New low profile throttle
  • New mini handlebar switches from Posh (turn signal, horn and emergency stop)
  • New professional paintjob on tank, seat, headlight and front fender (Mercedes Palladium Silver)
  • Strip down, detab and powdercoat the frame, side stand, swing arm and engine brackets.
  • New tires (Dunlop K70) and new Michelin tubes.
  • Electrical system total rewire, new connectors, wires and sleeves.
  • Relocate (hide) the brake light switch.
  • Relocate fuse box to go under the seat.
  • New adjustable license plate bracket with led lights.
  • Headlight with 2.5″ hole for my Acewell speedo from Carpy
  • High/Low beam switch on the headlight housing.
  • AceWell all in one gauge to replace stock gauges and idiot lights
  • All nuts & bolts on the bike are now stainless in the same strength as original or better.

A gallery of pictures from my build:
IMG_3644.th.jpg IMG_3637.th.jpg IMG_3619.th.jpg cb_650_3_orig.th.jpg velocity-stacks.th.jpg chainxgold.jpg.th.png 20120712_143605.th.jpg 20120705_201920.th.jpg 20120705_200154.th.jpg studs.th.jpg IMG_20150215_191023.th.jpg IMG_20140603_184221.th.jpg IMG_20140531_135344.th.jpg IMG_20140529_153951.th.jpg IMG_20140525_171346.th.jpg IMG_20140518_164404.th.jpg IMG_20140507_175238.th.jpg IMG_6238.th.jpg filter_hose_clamps.th.jpg DSC_0021.th.jpg DSC_0011.th.jpg DSC_00111.th.jpg DSC_0010.th.jpg DSC_0006.th.jpg DSC_0004.th.jpg 20140419_180055.th.jpg 20130709_171253.th.jpg 20131012_172501.th.jpg IMG_20140529_152921.th.jpg IMG_20140524_195613.th.jpg IMG_20140510_171018.th.jpg IMG_20140510_143601.th.jpg 20140427_160416_coil.th.jpg 20130728_151012_shock.th.jpg 20140426_190444_lever.th.jpg IMG_20150120_223314.th.jpg tank_lackad.th.jpg skarm_lackad.th.jpg lykta_lackad.th.jpg IMG_20150324_152720.th.jpg IMG_20150211_170123.th.jpg IMG_20140713_160144.th.jpg IMG_6242.th.jpg hump_lackad.th.jpg DSC_0025d7bc7.th.jpg DSC_0002.th.jpg DSC_0025.th.jpg DSC_0073.th.jpg DSC_0072.th.jpg DSC_0071.th.jpg DSC_0066.th.jpg DSC_0070.th.jpg DSC_0096.th.jpg DSC_0092.th.jpg DSC_0093.th.jpg

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