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Pontiac Fiero

These pages are in english due to the fact that most Fiero fanatics are localized outside of sweden.


Pontiac Fiero facts:

  • The Fiero was made i Pontiac, Michigan, USA and was the last Pontiac model to be made in Pontiac.
  • The Fiero was the first two seater by Pontiac since 1938
  • The Fiero was the first mass produced middle engine car in America
  • The Fiero was put out of production because it was competing against the Corvette
  • The Fiero was the first american car to win the IMSA GTU
  • The Fiero was the Offical Indy 500 Pace Car in 1984
  • The Fiero was manufactured between 1984 and 1988
  • Fiero means “proud” in italian
  • The Fiero has independent suspension and a spaceframe
  • Two engine options, 4 cyl 2.5L and v6 2.8L
  • 4 spd manual, 5 spd manual and an automatic gearbox were available
  • Weight 1176-1265kg depending on year and options
  • Height 1191mm
  • Wheel base 2373mm

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