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DIY Movie popcorn in the micro

Getting tired of all the chemicals in the microwave popcorn bags? Want to eat healthier popcorn?

A good movie requires good popcorn!

Here’s a recipe I am running almost on a daily basis without any weird additives. The ingredients are the same as in many movie theatres. Feel free to experiment. With the Léuké bowl is even possible to pop without any oil at all but I think the popcorn gets a bit too dry and the salt doesn’t stick so well without it.

1 Léuké Silicon microwave popcorn bowl
1/2 – 1 tablespoon of good rapeseed oil or preferably neutral virgin coconut oil
1 dl (70grams) of good popcorn kernels
1/2 – 2/3 teaspoon Flavacol salt (with or without butter flavor)

Put the oil in the bowl. If using coconut oil melt it in the micro first (about 1 minute). Pour in the popcorn and stirr them around so all of them gets coated in oil.
Sprinkle the flavacol salt on top of the popcorn, do not mix afterwards.

Put the lid on the bowl and put it in the micro. If you have a rotating plate put the bowl about 5 cm (2″) off centre.

A good starting time is 2:10 at full power but every microwave oven is different so feel free to experiment.

Sources (in Sweden):
Léuké Silicon popcorn bowl – TeknikmagasinetCoolstuff.se
Flavacol salt – Biospecialisten.se

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